Hall of Flame Fire Museum

The National Historical Fire Foundation, also known as the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting, is a museum that preserves historical firefighting equipment from all eras.

The museum's artifacts are originally part of George F. Getz Jr.'s private collection. He opened the original Hall of Flame in Wisconsin, Wisconsin in 1961. The collection was moved to Phoenix in 1974 and has since grown to be the largest historical firefighting museum in the world.

The museum features five large exhibit galleries, a video theatre, and the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes. This hall honors U.S. firefighters who died in the line of duty, or were decorated for their heroic acts. The equipment can be grouped into the following galleries: Gallery One: Hand & Horse Drawn 1725-1908; Gallery Two: Motorized Apparatus 1897-1951; Gallery Three: Motorized Apparatus 1918-1968; Gallery Four: Motorized Apparatus 1919-1950; and a smaller gallery devoted Wildland Firefighting. It also contains a large collection fire department arm patches, early fire insurance markings, fire helmets, art objects, and other types graphics.

Volunteer operators take a number of the vehicles from the Museum to participate in parades and other events in Phoenix.

It is located in Phoenix, Arizona at 6101 East Van Buren St, across from the Phoenix Zoo, and adjacent to the Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

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