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Phoenix Raceway is a tri-oval racetrack that measures 1 mile and is located in Avondale, Arizona near Phoenix. The motorsport track was opened in 1964 and hosts two NASCAR races weekends each year. Phoenix Raceway has hosted the IndyCar Series, USAC, CART and WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. NASCAR currently owns and operates the raceway.

Phoenix Raceway hosts two NASCAR race weekends annually. It is one of 13 NASCAR facilities that can host more than one weekend per year. In 1988, it was added to the NASCAR Cup Series schedule as a late-season event. In 2005, the track was made a spring date. In 1995, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was introduced. The Xfinity Series was launched in 1999.

The oval's length was specified by NASCAR and the track owner as exactly one-mile. After a 2016 INDYCAR West Test, however, the track was measured at 1.022 miles (1.645km). This was the first IndyCar race since the 2011 renovation, in which the dogleg was extended outside. The oval track was rebuilt and the finish/start line was moved in 2019. The oval's length was unchanged. The oval was exactly one-mile long before the 2011 renovation.

NOTE: Calculations based upon the 1.022 mile standard, which was established by INDYCAR in 2016.

2011 reconfiguration increased the banking slightly, removed all of the road course, and removed the grass and curbing within the dogleg. This gave sanctioning bodies the option to allow drivers to run on the paved apron and skip the dogleg.

In 2018, renovations were made to the pit road and infield areas. The start/finish line was moved to the area just before the dogleg, where it was turn 2.

The original raceway had a 2.5 mile (4.0 km) road course that ran inside and outside the main tri-oval. The track's current interior layout is 1.51 miles (2.43km) and was reconfigured in 1991. Phoenix Raceway currently has a grandstand seating capacity of approximately 51,000. After the addition of the second NASCAR race weekend in 2004, lights were installed around the track.

ISC and Avondale City Council announced plans in November 2010 for a $100 million long term development for Phoenix International Raceway. $15 million would be used to resurface the track and build a new media center. Plans also call for a reconfiguration and repaving of the track. The front stretch was increased from 52 feet to 60 feet (19 m), and the pit stalls were made from concrete. The dogleg (between Turn 2 & Turn 3) was moved outwards by 95 feet (29m), tightening its turn radius from 800 feet to 500ft (152m). Progressive banking was also added to the turns. Turns 1 and 2 had 11 degrees of banking and were changed to 10 degrees at the bottom and 11 to the top. Turns 3 & 4, which had 9 banking degrees, were changed to 8 degrees at the bottom and 9 at the top. Bill Braniff, Senior Vice President of Construction at North American Testing Corporation (NATC), a subsidiary to Phoenix International Raceway Corporation, stated that "all of the changes - including adjustment of the dog-leg-- will be made in order to provide additional opportunities for drivers side-by-side." Because of the variable banking that will now be implemented, we are confident that Phoenix will have multi-groove racing. The infield road course was also sealed off. This made Phoenix International Raceway an oval-only facility. Five drivers tested the track on August 29-30. They described the new dogleg/backstretch as a "rollercoaster", as it dips at entry, then rises at exit, and then dips down to enter turn 3. This is due to the elevation changes. The oval was open for public testing on October 4 and 5. The track property was connected to the Avondale water- and sewer systems with $7 million. After the 2011 Subway Fresh Fit 500, work began.

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