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The Martin Auto Museum, a private non-profit automobile museum in Phoenix, Arizona is owned by the Martin Auto Museum. The museum preserves collectible automobiles for educational purposes. The museum charges $10 per person over 12. The museum offers guided tours for groups such as veterans organizations, local schoolchildren, and car clubs.

Mel Martin, a real estate developer, founded the museum to display his collection of vintage cars and other automobile-related memorabilia. His family was able to pay their house bills by selling newspapers. The family moved to Mayer in Arizona, where John Martin, his great uncle, lived. Martin's father bought a service station where he was a pumper of gas. He moved to Phoenix, where he became the owner and operator of M&M gas station. His business grew and he purchased more towing trucks. He also started a car auction business and became involved in other automobile-related businesses. Martin was involved in the development and sale of commercial real property.

Martin started collecting cars in the 1960s. His collection of unique, vintage, and historical cars grew over the years. He also collected memorabilia that was related to the automotive industry. Martin and Sallie Martin realized it was best to have a building that had enough space to display their automobile collection and other artifacts.

Martin gathered his vehicles into a private collection in 2005. In 2008, he established the Martin Auto Museum. Martin bought a nondescript building in Phoenix to house the museum. It is also located on Interstate 17 at a Phoenix frontage road. Martin owns the majority of the vehicles, while two belong to the museum's board.

The museum quickly grew into five showrooms, each with more than 60 vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a display that provides basic information about the vehicle. The display displays information such as the year, make, and model. Description of the vehicle.

There are many types of vehicles on display. Some of the vehicles are vintage cars from pre-1950, while others are classic cars from the post- 1950's era. Some cars are rare due to their low mileage and special-interest value. The museum also houses a collection of automobile-related memorabilia as well as a vintage carousel.

The museum is open to the public as a non-profit organization. Guided tours have been offered to many organizations such as the local Veterans Administration Hospital and local community and social organisations, as well as students from trade schools and car clubs. The museum also has a conference and meeting room. The museum can also be used for club meetings or wedding receptions.

An 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen is the oldest vehicle in the museum. The following vehicles are also on display:

A 1940 McCormick Farmall Tractor as well as a 1948 American Flyer Whizzer Powered Motor Bike are also on display.

Below are photos of some vehicles that were displayed in the Martin Auto Museum. Some of the artifacts found in the museum are also shown.

Straight-8 engine configuration with 265 horsepower engine from the 1930 Duesenberg "J” Boattail Speedster.

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